New Details Emerge in Skeeter Kerkove Disappearance

Kerkove was spotted with Dave Chappelle in South Africa during early May

Thursday, June 9, 2005 Posted 1:54 PM EDT (1754 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Johannesburg, South Africa - Many in the adult video industry have been wondering, what’s the truth behind Skeeter Kerkove’s vanishing act?

In a recent interview with Gene Ross of AdultFYI, Kerkove did not provide much information regarding his actual whereabouts during the month long disappearance. has uncovered new details.

Some time in early May, Kerkove was snapped by paparazzi alongside Dave Chappelle (who was also missing at the time) inside the Mandela Bay Resort and Casino, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

"I met Dave at Ivar (a popular Hollywood night club) and we really hit it off," said Kerkove. "To be quite honest, I don't have many black friends, especially outside of work. It turns out Dave and I have a lot in common, I told him about the rigors of working in the porn industry."

"Skeeter? We knew each other for like 5 minutes and he started talking about the niggers in the porn industry, that takes balls. He is one crazy cracker," joked Chappelle. "Normally I'd steer clear of white dudes known for their prowess with a baseball bat, but Skee Skee Skeeter, (Chappelle breaks into his Little John impression) as I like to call him, is good people."

"We were both under a lot of pressure. Dave was frustrated trying to come up with new material for his comedy show and I had pretty much run out of new ways to sodomize young women," said Kerkove.

"We continued to talk after that night in Hollywood and it was clear, we both needed to get the hell out of town for a while! Screw the ass kissers and yes men, if I was going to finish writing season three I needed some honest criticism and I knew I could trust Skeets," Chappelle remarked.

Kerkove agreed, "It was exciting finally having an African American friend. I wanted to learn more about Dave's ancestors and culture. I told him, wherever we go, it has to be a country known for treating colored people like yourself, with dignity and respect."

"After a quick Google search I suggested South Africa," remembers Kerkove.

"At first, Dave was like Wwwwwwwaaaaaatttttttt!!"

"I said, DUDE, do you wanna go or not and he was like Wwwwwwwaaaaaatttttttt!!,"

"He wouldn't let up with the Little John shit. Finally I told him, DAVE, you goin with me to South Africa? He saw me choke up on the ole Louisville Slugger."

Chappelle quickly replied, "Yeeeeeaaaaaayyaaaaaaa!!!!!!"

"The South African Americans have been very gracious during our stay here," noted Kerkove as he plunked down 300 Rand (about $46 US) so him and Chappelle could ride Winnie Mandela and Pooh, a new attraction at Disneyland, Cape Town.

Fun and games aside, the two were soon talking business again. "Dave has agreed to star in one of my movies," said Skeeter.

"Basically, we're going to spoof a typical Skeety movie," Chappelle continued, "I'm going to play Jackie Robinson. The skit is going to make it look like blacks were way ahead of whites when it came to shoving baseball bats up girl's assholes. Even Comedy Central wouldn't let me do something like that, at least not in my current time slot."

The duo however, faces an uncertain future. "The trip may have cost them much more than the price of the hotel and airline tickets, at least in Chappelle's case," commented Wendy Harrison of Forbes.

"Comedy Central may opt out of Dave's nearly $50 million dollar a year deal to write and star in the Chappelle Show." Things don't look much better for Kerkove. "Skeeter faces the suspension of his 12 picture, non exclusive deal with Ducati Productions, easily costing him more than $24,000 in net revenues for fiscal years 2005/2006," stated Harrison.

Not long after their return to the states the pair stopped talking. "I called Dave to see if he had uploaded the pics from our trip and of course he responded Wwwwwwwaaaaaatttttttt!! I know the Little John thing is funny, but CHRIST! I called back repeatedly and he kept up with that shit," said Kerkove.

“I had enough! I went over to Dave's and we had a little discussion, so to speak.” A badly bruised Chappelle had this to say, “That crazy cracka, his cell phone kept breakin up, that's why I was saying Wwwhhaaaatt!! on the phone, I wasn't fuckin with him, crazy fuckin cracka!”

Kerkove has since apologized, blaming the incident on flashbacks from the 29 hour flights to and from South Africa. It's unclear if the two have reconciled.

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