Nation Of Islam Enlists Rob Spallone In Effort To Boost 2006 Million Man March Turnout

Man who organized 300 girl gang bang will now help bring together 1 million black men

Monday November 22, 2005 Posted 9:54 AM EDT (1354 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Chicago, IL - On Saturday October 15th, thousands gathered at the National Mall in Washington, DC to celebrate the Millions More Movement, Louis Farrakhan’s sequel to his 1995 Million Man March.

The Million Man March 2.0 turned out to be very different from it’s predecessor 10 years earlier. This time children, gays, lesbians, and even American Indians were invited to the event. Despite the additional diversity overall attendance was disappointing, far from the millions promised.

One group in particular, black men, turned out in alarmingly low numbers. Shortly after the event Farrakhan vowed to hold another Million Man March in 2006, proclaiming it would eclipse even the original MMM in 1995.

Recognizing the difficulty in pulling off such an audacious gathering Farrakhan immediately convened his advisors in the Nation of Islam. The Minister stressed the importance of 2006’s MMM and asked his brothers for recommendations to ensure 1 million black men would attend.

Many ideas were discussed (such as Xbox 360 and 26 inch Giovanni rim giveaways) but most were deemed too costly. After hours of agonizing debate Minister Tony White jokingly recalled a recent internet article describing 300 white woman coming together to have sex with another white woman named Summer Haze.

Farrakhan was intrigued. “300 Caucasian woman having sex at one time? Who could organize such a thing? I must meet him, bring him to me! Gentlemen, the man behind this amazing event will lead us and our brothers to the promised land!”

Shortly thereafter the Nation of Islam contacted Rob Spallone, a well known California based pornographer and the mastermind behind the Summer Haze All Girl Gang Bang, which boasted 300 different female participants.

Spallone then flew to Chicago where he met with Farrakhan near Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam’s headquarters.

“Mr. Spallone, I instructed my staff to arrange this meeting with you out of great respect for your abilities,” said Farrakhan. “We’re both men who pride ourselves in bringing large numbers of people together for the betterment of man, or in your case women.”

“By now you should be familiar with my plan for 2006, a gathering of African American brothers over 1 million strong, surpassing 1995’s Million Man March attendance. We have all been waiting with great anticipation to hear your thoughts on making this goal a reality. What do you suggest Mr. Spallone?” asked Farrakhan.

“Well Louey, I got some great fuckin’ ideas,” responded Spallone. “Guys love wet t-shirt contests. Yeah, we’ll get a bunch a fuckin’ broads up on stage and hose ‘em down. I’ll even make sure they rub their titties together, maybe we can give away some DVD’s too, guys love that shit.”

Farrakhan and his staff looked on in silence.

Spallone continued, “All right, what about this? The ‘ole party dong. Yeah, we can let the guys take turns wearing an ape suit with a banana dildo for a dick, they can fuck the broads with it, but not actually touch them, it’s very respectable for the ladies. It’ll be fuckin’ great!”

Farrakhan reacted. “Mr. Spallone, on the surface your ideas seem outlandish at best but this is exactly the kind of out of the box thinking we knew you’d bring to the table. Suppose we were to move forward, how many women are you going to provide?”

“Uhh, I don’t know, maybe 17 or 18?” answered Spallone.

“Hahaha. Mr. Spallone you are certainly an amusing, yet humble man. Surely my event is worthy of at least the same number of women you so impressively rounded up for that summer hazing video I’ve heard so much about. We expect no less than 500 women,” declared Farrakhan.

Despite Farrakhan’s high expectations few doubt Spallone’s ability to succeed where others have failed. Jesse Jackson summed up the excitement surrounding the Nation of Islam’s partnership with Spallone.

“It’s clear the problem with low turnout is clitoric in nature. A dose of Caucasian vaginalistic embodiments will protrude in a form which sanctifies a larger numbers of our brothers attending this momentous, historic gathering,” commented Jackson.

“Mr. Spallone will bring a certain flatuletisity to the event, matched only by his ejaculatory tittification.”

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