AdultFYI's Gene Ross Charged With Accepting Kickbacks From Skeeter Kerkove

Their code phrase was "Kickin' Back"

Tuesday August 9, 2005 Posted 5:29 PM EDT (2129 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Woodland Hills, Ca - Just days after admitting he gave Gustavo, (Metro’s head of production), kickbacks in order to guarantee directing jobs with the company, Skeeter Kerkove has now publicly confessed to dishing out cash payments to one of the adult industry’s most prolific reporters, Gene Ross.

Ross serves as the editor of Recently the web site published a series of articles detailing Kerkove’s integrity, benevolence, and generosity towards all of mankind.

“There is no doubt Kerkove’s shocking admission now calls into question the validity of these stories,” stated Preston Mills of XXX Junkie Magazine.

“It’s a sad day when industry observers and consumers of hardcore pornography can no longer trust the very person they’ve relied on for years to deliver honest reporting on the issues that matter most.”

“If this had been CBS News or Newsweek, I don’t think the story would have even made headlines, but AdultFYI, Gene Ross? No one saw this coming, the fallout will be tremendous. Now who can you trust? From PornOHs to PornoGossip, all of the major adult news sites may suffer an unwarranted loss of credibility,” said Mills.

Kerkove’s admission is particularly disturbing to many AdultFYI readers because of child molestation charges filed against the pornographer by his ex-wife and fellow porn director, Bridgette Kerkove.

“Bridgette is a crazy bitch. We all hate that freakin’ bitch! Skeeter is no child molester and the facts will prove it!” exclaimed 37 year old Kerkove supporter, Kurtis Richter.

Richter was joined by hundreds of other loyal Kerkove followers who held signs and lit candles in a show of solidarity, at an impromptu vigil held outside the director’s home.

“My friends and I aren’t leaving until Skeeter is acquitted and his name is cleared. We would have gotten here sooner but frankly, after months of camping out at the Michael Jackson trial, we all needed a rest,” described Richter. “Just like Michael, Skeeter is going to beat these bogus accusations and get back to his normal life of filming anal sex acts.”

Devotees who’ve gathered outside the Kerkove compound in a show of support have been disappointed that unlike the “King of Pop”, the “King of Sodomy” has yet to dance on the roof of his Jaguar.

Although most in the adult industry consider kickbacks morally reprehensible, Skeeter’s honesty regarding the situation has impressed his fans.

“In the interest of full disclosure I wanted to get everything out in the open,” said Kerkove.

“Gene is a good friend, I feel bad about the whole thing. I just didn’t want to let my fans down at a time like this. Gene’s articles helped to show everyone I’m just a big teddy bear, a big teddy bear who occasionally enjoys shoving a baseball bat up someone’s ass,” laughed Kerkove.

“I offered him $1000 for every story he ran about my softer side and $500 for each story about what a huge piece of shit Bridgette is. I consulted a retired cryptographer to help us develop a secret language so we could arrange our meetings without Bridgette knowing, in case she had my phone tapped. Our code phrase was, Kickin’ Back.”

Skeeter has provided a transcript which sheds light onto a typical conversation between him and Ross. The communiques were ingenious, impossibly confusing to all but the most experienced decipherer.

Bold type is used to highlight what is now known to be the “secret code words.

Kerkove: Hi Gene, what’s up? How are you today?

Gene Ross: I’m doing just fine Skeeter. How is your day so far?

Kerkove: It’s been very relaxing, I needed a break from videotaping sodomy, I’m just KICKIN’ BACK.

Gene Ross: Really, I’m just KICKIN’ BACK as well.

Kerkove: I know we’ve eaten there 1000 times but would you like to meet up at Jerry’s deli?

Gene Ross: That sounds good. Of the 1000 places on Ventura Blvd, I agree, it’s a good place to KICK BACK and have a nice meal.

Kerkove: You’re right, lets KICK BACK with a couple of cold ones. It must be a 1000 degrees here in the valley today, it may be a little cooler over at Bridgettes, but still at least 500 degrees.

Gene Ross: Can you make it over there by 4:00?

Kerkove: Lets make it 4:15, I need to stop by the ASS TO MOUTH machine on the way over.

Gene Ross: Oh yeah, I don’t think they take credit cards or checks. No problem, that gives me an extra 15 minutes to KICK BACK.

The ramifications for Gene Ross remain unclear. Many are calling for him to step down as AdultFYI editor. At the very least, consumer advocate groups are demanding the “bought” articles involving Kerkove be moved to the “advertisement” section of the web site.

Skeeter maintains the lie detector test he took was real, and that the person who administered it was not paid off.

“If you don’t believe me, just ask Gustavo or Gene,” responded Kerkove.

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