LFP Parts Ways With Larry Flynt

After 30 years with Larry Flynt Publications, Larry Flynt steps down as owner and founder

Monday September 26, 2005 Posted 8:27 AM EDT (1227 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Beverly Hills , Ca - On Sunday Larry Flynt added his name to a growing list of people fed up with the direction of LFP and announced he is leaving after 30 years with the company.

Flynt’s departure comes as no surprise to many in the adult industry. On Friday LFP producer Mark Kramer revealed he too was parting ways with Hustler.

Kramer and Flynt now join former CEO Jim Kohls, VPs of LFP Video Mark Hamilton and Noel Bloom, directors Van Styles, Joe Gallant, Jack the Zipper, Mason, and creative director Kat Slater as former LFP video employees.

“I couldn’t get anything done,” stated Larry Flynt. “It was just meeting after meeting. Sometimes we’d schedule a meeting to decide on the best time for future meetings!”

“Not to mention all the politics. I never knew what was going to piss off Liz Flynt. On top of all that, I didn’t even know who I was supposed to answer to after Jim Kohls left. Morale was terrible.”

“Sometimes I would just lock myself in my 6400 square foot office and doze off, counting the minutes until quittin’ time. It got to the point where the only thing I had to look forward to was payday. I’d cash my $578,000 paycheck and head down to the Hustler casino to blow off steam.”

“If I had any money left over after a few hands of Blackjack I’d use my 5% employee discount over at the Hustler store to get a new t-shirt or a Barely Legal “Clive McLean” signature coffee mug. After 30 years with LFP I was living paycheck to paycheck and had no real job security.”

While Flynt maintains he resigned from the company, LFP’s VP of Human Resources, David Sanders, insists Flynt was terminated.

“To put it bluntly, Mr. Flynt was fired. When I was promoted to Head of HR I took a good look at Mr. Flynt’s file. It became clear my predecessor was either paid off or grossly negligent in her HR duties,” described Sanders.

“Larry Flynt has consistently demonstrated behavior not at all becoming of an LFP employee. In the 1970’s and 80’s he engaged in narcotics abuse and fornicated in the workplace. He has been written up numerous times for unauthorized use of the company car and jet. His chronic tardiness was the last straw.”

“We wish Larry all the best. On the bright side, because he was terminated, Mr. Flynt is eligible for California’s unemployment benefits and LFP’s Cobra Healthcare Plan.”

Flynt responded, “Unauthorized use of the jet, sounds like typical HR bullshit to me!”

“Listen, everybody within the company knew my beefs. I’ve said for months, whoever put Dustin [Flynt] in charge of video should be fired, the whole thing started out as a ‘take your nephew to work day’ joke. And Hustler Editor Bruce David? All you have to do is read LukeIsBack.com to know he is a piece of shit.”

“The fact those two are running things over there is proof upper management is heavily medicated,” exclaimed Flynt. “The whole situation will come back to haunt them when I get a job at Pulse.”

Flynt is referring to Pulse Distribution, a new adult video company owned by former LFP CEO Jim Kohls.

“It’s true Larry submitted a resume for our consideration,” said Kohls. “Our HR department has given it a careful and fair review but at this time there is no position for Larry in our organization.”

In an effort to change Kohl’s mind Flynt offered Pulse exclusive use of his private jet to deliver last minute DVD shipments to retailers. The idea was rejected when projections revealed the cost to ship goods in this manner would be approximately 23843% higher than Fed Ex or UPS.

It remains unclear who will succeed Larry Flynt as owner and founder of Larry Flynt Publications.

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