TJ Direda Makes It Clear, "I'm Not Behind Blog Critical Of Los Alamos"

Second internet site in as many months blamed on Direda

Monday June 6, 2005 Posted 4:16 EDT (2016 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Santa Fe, NM - Sitting before scientists, university professors, and reporters from all over the country, TJ Direda fervently denied claims he is behind LANL-The-Real-Story

The internet blog documents a rebellion amongst engineers and scientists at Los Alamos, the federal government’s premiere nuclear weapons laboratory. The website has changed the climate inside the facility and some say, contributed to the resignation of the lab's director, Dr Peter Nanos.

Reading from a prepared statement, Direda addressed the anxious gathering:

In an open letter to the National Academy of Nuclear and Theoretical Scientists (NANTS), Los Alamos management, and the Department of Energy, I have once again refuted allegations pertaining to my creation of, and involvement with,

While I have been outspoken in my opposition to Dr. Nanos, specifically his handling of the laboratory’s theoretical division, I have my own company to run. Many of my best customers are lonely scientists working inside Los Alamos and at other government installations across the country. I have no desire to alienate them.

Since I can’t win for losing, I would like it very much if the blog site would put up a banner for my company, Vertigo Productions, so that I may at least generate business from the slander and misplaced blame.

Following the statement Direda took questions from stunned reporters.

“TJ, Mr Direda, Mr Direda!” one reporter shouted. “If you were running Los Alamos what would be the first major change you’d make to improve the situation there?”

Direda responded, “Monday through Friday, 9-5, I’m a pornographer, but like many, when time allows, I dabble in plasma physics. Among the most important phenomena in present-day fusion experiments are the various forms of neoclassical magnetic islands. In tokamaks, saturated magnetohydrodynamic, MHD to the lay-person, (Direda rolls his eyes) can lock to walls, often leading to plasma disruption.

In alternative concepts, such as the reversed-field-pinch and spheromak, nonlinear global magnetic activity determines the very nature of the configuration. Thus, numerical simulation and theoretical understanding of these phenomena are crucial for advancing magnetically confined fusion.”

“Even the Iranians and North Koreans know this, hahaha,” laughed Direda.

Best known for his lavish Hollywood parties and an oral sex themed adult video, starring Scott Fayner of, Direda is no stranger to controversy.

“This marks the second time in as many months TJ has faced accusations of masterminding a cantankerous website,” said Marv Bagley, of XXX Junkie magazine. “Before LANL, many in the adult industry pointed the finger at him when a new internet blog debuted,”

“Both of these sites contain some pretty instigative comments. Basically, it’s good day when you wake up and don’t see your face on either one of them,” noted Bagley.

It appears, for now, the bickering over these two sites and the allegations of Direda’s involvement will continue. When reached for comment, most Los Alamos employees have played dumb, bolstering the conspiracy theory for many.

“TJ Diredo? That’s like a Mexican snack food right?” answered one engineer at the lab, who wished to remain anonymous.

Embroiled former Los Alamos Director, Dr. Peter Nanos, has even weighed in on the controversy. “TJ Direda and his crew of misfits are too fucking stupid to run a company, much less anything else, but keep thinking it’s them.”

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