Huge Weekend At Box Office For Dark Angels 2: Bloodline Teaser

$158.5 million opening weekend is all time record, blows away Deep Throat

Tuesday May 31, 2005 Posted 2:33 PM EDT (1833 GMT) - Brad Watkins, Editor

Sherman Oaks, Ca - Midnight, Thursday, May 18th. It’s standing room only inside theatre #7 at the Pacific Galleria Stadium 16, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Ushers are instructed, “check every ticket”, but many devout fans have still managed to sneak in. The atmosphere inside has reached a fever pitch. Over five years of waiting, and now, finally, it’s over.

12:04 am. Lights dim. Crowd begins to clap and cheer. “Quiet down, shooosh! QUIET!” pleaded members of the audience.

12:05 am. The screen lights up. A hauntingly high pitched shriek sends a wave of goose-bumps over the crowd.

5 Years Ago...One Film (shot entirely on video) Broke All The Rules... And Changed The Way We Looked At Adult Films...”

“...New Sensations And Director Nic Andrews (audience claps, yells, and some chant Nic!, Nic!, Nic!)...Bring You The Most Anticipated Movie Of The Year...”

Even that kind of on screen hyperbole cannot describe the 90 seconds that followed. At the conclusion of the teaser for Dark Angels 2: Bloodline, thrilled fans immediately streamed out of the theatre, leaving the floor littered with ticket stubs for Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.

Most returned to their sleeping bags outside and began the wait for Bloodline’s trailer, premiering June 15th, at the head of Batman Begins.

One moviegoer whipped the crowd into a frenzy when he thought he saw director Nic Andrews himself, and yelled out his name. “Dude, I’m telling you, it was him!” swore 18 year old Chad Hunter, his heart still racing. “Dude, shut the fuck up! That wasn’t Nic. That guy was like 170 pounds, ya fuckin idiot,” responded his friend.

“Every decade or so we see a phenomenon like this,” stated Todd Parks, of “The buzz surrounding Bloodline was so great that fans bought tickets to Revenge of the Sith and then left before the feature presentation even started.”

“It really skews the box office numbers. Essentially, Lucasfilm and Fox road the coat tails of Dark Angels 2 for the biggest movie opening in history,” stated Parks. “The teaser is only showing with Episode III in the first week of release, it will be interesting to see if Star Wars can keep it’s DA2 based momentum.”

Many Dark Angels fans had been standing and sleeping in line since April, just to brag they were the first to see the teaser.

“Oh my god, did you see when those three cop cars came flying in at like 25 miles per hour, or when Jack shot that gun with the laser on it? Dude, this thing is gonna be sick!” exclaimed a short of breath 15 year old named Derrick Johnston of Northridge, Ca, who’s parents let him camp out in line for over two weeks.

“Normally we’d never let him stay out past 9:30, let alone sleep in front of a movie theatre surrounded by complete strangers,” joked Derrick’s dad. “But he has been waiting over 5 years for this.”

“He’s upset with his mom right now. He wanted to bring all of his Dark Angels action figures, hoping the cast might show up and he could get them autographed. My wife was afraid someone else in line would steal them. God knows, we got about $500 tied up in that stuff.”

“Derrick’s 16th birthday is coming up and I haven’t heard anything about a car, it’s just Bloodline this, Bloodline that. His mom is going to kill me, but I got him an original Bitch (played by Jewel de Nyle in DA1) McFarlane figure on Ebay for $1100, plus shipping and insurance. I just hope it’s not one of those Dark Angels knock-offs like I saw on Dateline, the guy’s feedback was only 71%.”

The self proclaimed “most anticipated movie of the year”, DA2 is definitely making waves in Hollywood. “None of the studios want to get caught in the wake of this monster.” stated Joshua Weinstein of Entertainment Weekly.

“Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Four, these are all movies originally slated for fall releases, but then had their dates pushed up, so as not to compete with Bloodline.”

“The first Dark Angels movie broke all the rules,” commented Mike Anderson of “DA1 contained almost no sex and very little nudity. It was part of a trend Andrews himself is credited with.”

“Keeping the sex out of both movies has given us a much wider release,” noted Andrews. “Fox would have never approved the teaser if there was a chance Barrett Blade’s ball sack could be seen in a shot or two. It also cuts down on talent costs, leaving more in the budget for bullet hit squibs and prosthetic heads.”

“It’s no secret the best directors out there are working in adult. While some may dabble in mainstream Hollywood to get more creative freedom, or work with a crew not filled with complete dip-shits, most stay in porn because of the money,” commented Julie McKie of the Hardcore ReSource.

McKie continued, “The pornographic world is concerned that Dark Angels 2 could mark the beginning of an exodus, in which all of it’s first-rate directors move over to mainstream. It would be a disaster for the industry.”

Regardess of the fallout, New Sensations has big plans for Bloodline. “Normally, we like to include ‘bonus’ images on the back of each DVD which show positions and girls not even available in the movie. We think the consumer likes this attention to detail,” notes New Sensations PR director, Bill Levy.

“For DA1 and 2, ‘bonus’ images will be saved for the box set, being released in early 2006.”

One Dark Angel fan summed up the excitement surrounding Bloodline. “I was PISSED when they cancelled the TV series, but now I think I’m gonna finally get to see Jessica Alba’s titties in Dark Angels 2!” beamed 29 year old Justin Wilcox.

Editors Note: Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith saw a larger then expected drop in it’s box office over Memorial Day Weekend, most likely due to the fact the teaser for Dark Angels 2: Bloodline, was no longer showing before the movie.

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