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New 2257 Regulations, What They Mean To Consumers

Nation Of Islam Enlists Rob Spallone In Effort To Boost 2006 Million Man March Turnout

Chicago, IL

On Saturday October 15th, thousands gathered at the National Mall in Washington, DC to celebrate the Millions More Movement, Louis Farrakhan’s sequel to his 1995 Million Man March.

The Million Man March 2.0 turned out to be very different from it’s predecessor 10 years earlier. This time children, gays, lesbians, and even American Indians were invited to the event. Despite the additional diversity overall attendance...

LFP Producer Mark Kramer no longer with the company

Larry Flynt Publications Parts Ways With Larry Flynt

Beverly Hills , Ca

On Sunday Larry Flynt added his name to a growing list of people fed up with the direction of LFP and announced he is leaving after 30 years with the company...

Kurt Lockwood, “... A Lot Of These Porn Directors Are A Bunch Of Homos!”

Woodland Hills , Ca

What’s up loyal readers? I’m writing you from my digs up here in the Hollywood Hills. Damn, I’m really living the dream, I mean, there is a god damn castle not too far off in the distance. Not a real castle, but like a castle house or something. Pretty fuckin’ cool...


Sports fan gets death for killing wife after sex

Hats off to Mike South and his finely crafted new music video. Check it out!

Veteran Director FJ Lincoln making a comeback with new scatology themed fetish series titled "Lincoln Logs"

Adult's Most Beautiful Directing Duo Splitting Up, Axel Braun Leaving Scott Taylor and New Sensations

Kickin Back debuts Naughty College Lunch Ladies, featuring Robyn


Taylor Rain smoking pot by age 5? Learned from her older sisters?

I was at the Chatsworth Public Library researching an upcoming story when I came across an old article about Taylor Rain from the LA Times. Even I couldn’t believe the microfiche, Taylor has been getting high since the age 5?

I guess she learned from her older sisters (age 9 and 13 at the time) who can also be seen in the newspaper smoking pot and drinking. You’re hardcore Taylor, congratulations, keep up the good work! - Brad, pornOHs Editor

Click here to view a scan of the LA Times article

AdultFYI's Gene Ross Accepted Kickbacks From Skeeter Kerkove

Chatsworth, Ca

Just days after admitting he gave Gustavo, (Metro’s head of production), kickbacks in order to guarantee directing jobs with the company, Skeeter Kerkove has now publicly confessed...


Macworld: News: Twentieth Century Fox to release Blu-Ray movies

Berlin readies giant brothel for 2006 World Cup

Retailers publish their Wish List for Next Gen High Definition DVDs

Sony executive advocates new digital rights approach

DVD format duel heating up, Movie buffs, brace yourselves for another round of Betamax vs. VHS

Cindy Crawford beat up her husband?


SexZ Pictures Scores Media Coup Thanks To All Media Play, Al Qaeda

Doha, Qatar

If, like many, you’re an avid follower of Al Qaeda, or just a casual viewer of the Al Jazeera network as part of your basic cable package, you may have noticed something strange, yet familiar, in the terrorist group’s most recent threat...


Adult Industry On Edge As Lube Oil Prices Surge To Record High

Chatsworth, Ca

Light sweet lube oil prices surged to a record $20,153 a barrel on Monday, sustaining a rally built on strong demand for sex lubricants and on concerns about refiners' ability to keep up...

Kami Andrews

Drudge Report beats AVN to Ninn's ''Catherine'' Update
By the time readers of learned of Michael Ninn’s “Catherine movie entering it’s final phase, followers of the Drudge Report had moved on to other important news, like Hurricane Dennis and updates on the bombings in London.

“I really beat AVN on this one,” stated Matt Drudge. “I learned of the story about 5 AM EDT, from an anonymous source in Chatsworth, Ca. I’ve gotten some criticism for preempting my coverage of the terrorist attacks but this was the first “official” update on “Catherine” in over a week. It was important enough that I used the flashing red/blue siren graphic."

Click for screen capture of the Drudge Report while it still contained the Ninn Worx headline.

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